An IMI Birthday


One of the first things I realized when deciding to leave home to study in Switzerland was that I would not be home for my birthday. Birthdays in my family have always been greatly celebrated. Throughout the day, my family would ensure that I felt special, and nothing was too much trouble. I remember receiving calls from my whole family, all my friends, and at night, celebrating with everyone.

I thought that nothing could come close to the amount of joy I have felt on my birthday, being away from home.

However, this year, to my surprise, was no different!

The great thing about celebrating your birthday at IMI is that you are surrounded by friends. The day before my birthday, people who I had never spoken to in my life were coming up to me, wishing me a happy birthday. Around 10pm on the eve of my birthday, I was brought down to the Swiss Room, where many of my friends awaited. It was really nice, there were drinks, a beautiful cake, music, and great company, what more could I ask for. Midnight came and about 25 people were there, counting down with me with a bottle of champagne. As we all had classes the next morning, we didn’t party all night, but it was truly a memorable experience and surpassed all my expectations.

On my birthday, I attended regular classes and I don’t think there was more than ten minutes that went by without someone wishing me a happy birthday. After classes, my friends took me to Zurich where we walked around and later went for a great meal. On our way home from Zurich, I was receiving calls, texts, and Facebook messages from everyone back home. It was special to see that, even being so far, so many people remembered and took the time to wish me a great day.

It was a celebration like no other and I will never forget the great birthday I spent with my IMI family!


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