Month: August 2014


TGIF: Thanks God It’s Friday!

After long weekdays of educating and intensive academic study at IMI, finally the weekend is approaching! Time really flies if you enjoy the moment. Now it’s time to relax before dealing with dissertation for BA students or reports for other students.Thanks to the SRC students, they arranged a Student Bar Activities last Friday. Can you try to guess the theme? It was “Ready to… Read more →


Indonesian Independence Day! 17th August

Some of you may pass today like any other normal day. But, in some parts of the world, people are having fun to the fullest. On August 17, sixty-nine years ago, the Indonesians declared their independence from Netherlands. In Indonesia, “Hari Merdeka” or “Independence Day” is filled with festivities and celebrations. Red and white colours seem to be used everywhere… Read more →


A Day in Bern

  This week, we have a looong weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Staying in a foreign country, this means it is time to explore the beauty of Switzerland Believe me, every single picture that is taken here is absolutely stunning! This week the Student Representative Committee students arranged a day trip to Bern (SRC students normally arrange some sort of… Read more →