Month: April 2015


Sports Day!

As the days get sunnier, IMI students get more active as they start to shy away from their dorm rooms to enjoy some healthy competition with friends. Students took part in various sports like volleyball, badminton, soccer and basketball. And on campus, there were also pool competition and table tennis! It was quite a turnout. Who knew IMI students were… Read more →

IMI students at the WTFL 2015

In case you have missed it out, WTFL stands for World Tourism Forum Lucerne and is a 2 days conference that gathers hundreds of specialists from hospitality & tourism industry. So the IMI students thought “Why should we pay 1900CHF to attend the conference when we could actually attend the event through volunteering?” 20 IMI volunteers have had an important contribution… Read more →


Happy Easter!

It was a sunny day in IMI as students take some time off their assignments to take part in an egg hunting race. The SRC planted a total of 230 chocolate eggs all around the school’s property and everyone raced to gather as many as possible, risking chocolate-covered hands as the eggs melted. Take a look at some of the photos… Read more →


Ice-breaker 2015B

  To our new students, welcome to IMI! And for the returning students, welcome back! The new term 2015B has started and what better way to get to know each other than through the traditional ice-breaker dinner conducted by the Student Representative Council (SRC). We welcome new faces to the IMI family and got to know each other a little bit… Read more →

Term A Semester Break

  Right after finishing off the exams many students have said ‘goodbye’ to their term D friends and have left the campus to very different parts of the world. While many students from Asian countries have taken advantage of visiting the most important European cities, others have taken longer breaks to travel to places such as Morocco, Hong Kong, Brasil… Read more →