Month: September 2015


Upcoming Events, Do not miss them!

The next following weekend coming with a lot of activities, do not miss them! Pending date, But be ready to help us with the donation! it will be coming soon! : Come support and learn about Breast Cancer Awareness. Friday 2nd of October: Oktoberfest Beer Olympics. Come and challenge yourself with the extravagant Beer Olympics. The winner has a prize… Read more →



  The past weekend we had  sports day ! IMI students participated in different sports, we had a great weekend fool of fun,  according to their interest students follow different sports and competid with each others: Badminton: We had 10 doubles team Winners: Grace and Khai Jia Pool 9 doubles team Winners: Jee and Phong (Hanoi Boys). Volleyball Two Teams… Read more →



IMI Newsletter

Yes, IMI NEWSLETTER ! as you can see…

In September, 15th it was the launch of our IMI First Newsletter. Personally,  I think that is one of the most interesting projects for this year.  Looking around the school I could observed that it had a good welcome in IMI community, everybody show interest  to participate  as a writer and as a lector giving us good ideas to improved it; Our partnership Yan, SRC integrant who dedicate time to design and write the first edition give us a little feedback in what will be the idea of  creating the newsletter. 

SRC team  thought about this space could be useful to share information about the latest news about the  school and around the campus  also update upcoming events, and create an space where we can know more about each student of IMI and their cultures.

Second edition if will be posted Tomorrow, be ready for the news!!!


SRC Term C with open eyes!

        It is a new term more cultures, more languages and more activities to plan and enjoy in IMI SRC Team is always ready to the challenge:   This term the team is going to implement four committees looking towards for the next topics: Social committee: This team is going to be led by the collaboration of Nick,… Read more →