The diary of an F&B Assistant – part 1

My first year at IMI in 2012, was one of the best moments I have ever experienced and I believe any 19-year-old girl could ever dream of. Leaving my home country Zimbabwe was like starting a whole new book and not just a new chapter as it was all completely starting from the beginning; new country, new friends, new environment, new currency everything was just NEW and with no family  already in the country it was all exciting but rather frightening.

From the moment I began at IMI there was always a prestigious (in my opinion) internship position available to all previous IMI students of being the Food and Beverage Assistant. All of the past three Food and Beverage Assistants I had seen throughout my three semesters were always admirable and always had huge smiles on their faces which always made me wish I had their job, hence when the opportunity came by a few months ago I decided to take a dive for it and now here I am the new Food and Beverage Assistant for 2015C AND D.

It’s a challenging experience moving from being a student to a member of staff as you can never really forget that at one point you were on the other side of the table having your PA marks ridiculously deducted and wishing the F&B Assistant would just walk under a ladder as pay back, hence I’m always crossing my fingers nobody’s making that wish as well.




One thing I have realised since i started this role is that it makes me quite popular as everyone always needs a food and beverage favour, lecturers included, so the word PLEASE is kind of your daily bread and not a day goes by without hearing PLEASE AND THANK YOU. There is definitely no doubt as to why there is always a smile on my face from hearing that daily right?

Another thing is that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day (especially for Mr. Frapin who is always on time for his breakfast daily with a jolly ‘Good-morning’)! My role is pretty much all about what you make it to be as I have discovered over the past few weeks. If you make it exciting it definitely will be exciting – it’s all about planning and having an open mind.

My main role is controlling the Main Dining Hall (or, as I like to call it, ‘The Treasure Palace’) I take care of the all duty students and ensure that the areas are kept clean and well controlled and also try to action any suggestions we may receive. I am also in charge of those most hated of monsters called ‘duties’ (a way in which all students contribute to the school community and gain some experience of the work they will face during their internships).

So far I have had the BA students for the past four weeks and they have been delightful to work with – next on the list will be the Higher Diplomas and I have high expectations for them (mainly because most of them were my classmates)!




My biggest highlight so far would have to be the work I put into the Student Kitchen. A week ago Mr Caldwell challenged me to revamp the kitchen as it was a little dull and boring. I only had a few things I could use which included the printer and my imagination and I must say I am quite impressed with myself as it definitely does look like a new kitchen now – it’s amazing how far your imagination can work if put to good use!

This role is a continuous journey and full of many things to learn as you climb up the mountain and I am looking forward to every challenge as each day passes by. I will make an effort to keep you all updated on the role so that for any of you that may want to take it on after my term is done you will know what to expect…

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