‘Black Out’ by the Postgraduates

‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’ by Helen Keller

Warm greetings, hope everyone is good. There were many event going on in the campus for the past few weeks and students have been actively participating. Last week the Postgraduates Team have organized an event called the ‘Black Out’. The theme for ‘Black Out’ is a combination of everyone’s idea contribution. The team members are Edwin, Bogdan, Husam and Kyrylo. It was a rock lunch themed concept held in Swiss Room. There was 40 students who participated in this event.



Their menu design were made out of a piece of A4 paper with burnt side edges and coffee stains. Interviewed few of the participants, they were pretty satisfied with the food and atmosphere. The Black Out team welcomed their guests with a can of ‘Desperados’. ‘Desperados’ is a Mexican mixture of tequila and beer. Personally was impressed by the biker’s tumbler that they used to serve water to their guests. The ‘Black Out’ inventory were set up with grenades. The servers were dressed like bikers.




Below are some pictures from the event:



Movie section for their guest


Welcome drink’s section.










‘Black Out’s table set up.


Bartender preparing exotic drinks.






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