Best thing about IMI

“IMI is an incredible place to go for study. I have so many memories and have made so many friends from around the world. It is well worth the costs and will greatly expand your views on hospitality sphere.” – Kristina Butsykina, Ukraine


“After coming to Imi my perspective of how I view the outside world changed as Imi prepared the students to face the outside world and also to cope up with the rising competition in the hotel industry.” – David Aji Joe, India, Higher Diploma in Hotel and Events.



“Small-size classes of IMI allow students to reach their full academic potential while its family and international atmosphere allows them to enrich themselves personally” – Sofia Branca, Italy, BA Hotel and Events.


“I find it good experience to live and study in multi-cultural environment as you always learn something new from people of different nationalities, mentalities and cultures. The main advantage of the MBA program at IMI is that theory is delivered together with practical examples and exercises; it takes an MBA student half a year to cover it, and then every student is able to apply for internship or job position either in Switzerland or in any other part of the globe. I have a feeling that in IMI I have grown in my own estimation even in comparison with the person I was a few months ago. Here I learn to be more flexible and understanding thanks to my international classmates, I see examples of my lecturers as professionals with great experience and look up to be more competent in what I do.” – Elena Berezka, Russia, MBA.



“IMI gives international experience by multinational professors and students which is very hard to find anywhere else.” – Anushka Sriyastava, India, Culinary arts.

“A multicultural university with great diversity, and lots of fun.” – Lahrwin Vickraman, Malysia, Ba in culinary arts

“It’s a place of opportunity to meet people from all over the world in one umbrella and given the privilege to work or intern anywhere holding quality Swiss education as a foundation to building a career in the field.” – Steven John, UAE, Higher Diploma Hotel and Tourism


“People are always friendly and ready to help.” – Si Qin, China, HD Tourism events


“The most beautiful part of the school is that learning here isn’t a burden but it’s fun and students learn it with interest. And of course the mix of different cultures makes it even more interesting.” – Aarvee Nakum, India, Higher diploma in hotel and tourism.



“Educators in IMI seeks more than just good grades, but growth in each individual so that each students from IMI would be a leader in the industry, and not just another person holding a management position.” – Vincy NG, Malaysia


“IMI provides many connections for internships which will assist in developing skills and catering to interns needs.” – Retam Mukherjee, India, Higher Diploma in tourism and events


“IMI is the resident of love and friendship.” – Thanakorn Chaiyaprom, Thailand, Diploma


“That you meet people from all around the world in one place and everyone is friendly here.” – Raveet Massil from Israel, Certificate in International Hotel & Tourism Management


“The beautiful and friendly environment that IMI provides to its student” – Ramzi Jameleddine from Lebanon, Certificate in International Hotel & Tourism Management



“I like how IMI feels like a family.” – Caroline Mösch from Thailand, Diploma in International Cullinary Arts


“My favorite thing about IMI is the magnificent view.” – Angelica Ilaga from The Philippines, Certificate in International Hotel & Tourism Management


“The best thing I like about IMI is that the number of students here. There are not so many students, so each class is not crowded and teachers will pay more attentions on each student, they will have good cares for us and we will have more opportunities to learn or to work better.” – Huynh Phuong from Vitenam, Certificate in International Hotel & Tourism Management


“I love the fact that it is situated in such a beautiful place.” –  Piyusha Jere from India, Diploma in International Culinary Arts


“My favorite in IMI is chief Dawei.” – Meng Zhen from China, Diploma in International Hotel & Tourism Management



“The best things are how open everyone is, how international everyone is.” – Anna Dommaschk fom Switzerland, Diploma in International Hotel & Tourism Management


“The best thing is how well trained are the teachers in this school.” – Melissa Droira from Ecuador, Diploma in International Hotel & Tourism Management


“The best thing about IMI is the friendly environment.” – Pei-Shan Lin from Taiwan, Diploma in International Hotel & Tourism Management


“The best thing about IMI is that they emphasize on practical and theoretical knowledge.” – Daarain Ahmed Fiaz from India, Diploma in Culinary Arts

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