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Switzerland, the land of chocolate, cheese, mountains and many things that people value when they choose it as their voyage destination. And there is no denial that they will be very satisfied with their expectations. The chocolate is magnificent and cheese is melting on every Christmas market  corner right now, and people are rushing to greet the new ski season in the mountains.

We, students are having fun too. Especially in the library or while sitting in the room while “crushing the stone of science”. While it may seem boring to some and un inspiring to others, we do cherish what we study and the incredible opportunity to do it in Switzerland has its advantages. The high standard of education is definately one of them and if chosen carefully it can be inspiring too.





Sometimes we rush from the bus in the morning and due to our amazing location we can witness how skies are burning the night off. Literally.







Or we sit in our rooms, concentrating on our books and essays and once we take a brake we can enjoy this everlasting beauty or even capture magical moments like these.










There are a lot of places to find inspiration! Lakesides are especially good for hospitality students to have a walk or a bicycle tour with friends.

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