The BIG IMI Bake Off – by Anushka Srivastava

img_0687The Big IMI Bake Off competition, held on November 16th, was an exhilarating ice-breaker for all our new culinary enthusiasts! During the two hour competition, a lot of thought, creativity and action was put forward by all participants. The agenda of the competition was to produce an innovative cupcake guided by a simple recipe, provided by the judges. Walking into the kitchen, the aura was different, vibrant, colorful and exciting. Everyone was wondered what was coming our way! We started with fifteen minutes of brainstorming giving us a head start. The hustle started shortly after, creating buzz in the kitchen. The energy level was high and competitiveness intensified as the clock ticked. Chocolate, rainbow, red velvet, marble and apple cinnamon flavor choices made the versatility of the competition evident.
My partner (Hernando Chan) and I decided to do a pumpkin and orange cake with an apple pie filling, spiced whipped cream and a caramel sauce all in a form of a cupcake. As exotic as it sounds, it needed a lot of mise en place and a right mind to execute it. Despite being on the right track, we still managed to burn few things and had to start over. It was quite amusing because it was all in the spirit of fun which led us to have a blast. Moreover, who can forget all the tasting sessions taken place while going around the kitchen. It definitely felt like the sugar rush was still pumping the next day!img_0689
It was definitely a tough completion as everybody presented great dishes. This competition was IMI’s first Bake Off and was a huge success amongst the students. It was a great way to get to know our colleagues whilst realizing our potential as cooks. We are truly grateful to have won this competition. We would like to thank everyone who planned and executed this idea making it one of Big Week’s most memorable events.



Anushka’s Autumn Cupcakes
∗ 400g White Castor Sugar 200ml Heavy Whipping Cream
∗ 50g Cold Unsalted Butter

∗ Place the sugar in a pan with some water and boil until the sugar turns golden on the edges.
∗ As the sugar caramelises on the edges, swirl the pan until the whole pan is a deep amber colour, about 5-10 minutes depending on the stove heat. Make sure to not walk away as it is crucial to ensure the sugar doesn’t burn.
∗ Once the sugar is caramelised, pour in the cream and whisk through, the sauce will bubbles rapidly so be careful!
∗ Once the bubbles cool down a little, add cubes of cold butter until dissolved.
∗ Ensure to cool the sauce as would be too hot to handle.

Here are some variations: Add a pinch of Flaky Sea Salt to make Salted Caramel or add other flavors such as Cinnamon, Orange or even Lavender! This recipe is literally a blank canvas, use it as you please!

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