IMG_0770 This years winter started with a bit of snow on our heads.

Even though temperatures dropped and white covered all the roofs, branches and ground, IMI students were determined to go big.

It all started with a lesson how to roll a snowball in the snow.

After rolling a big one we decided that this will be THE snowman and his name will be Jerry.

So Jerry project was on the way.

The hard part was that Jerry’s upper body was as big as his lower part. Two Massive students had to lift it up.

There was something missing though. The head!

There was one little snow bro somewhere in the field, which had his body as a donation. A head for Jerry.

Our amazing Chef Dawei agreed to donate one carrot for Jerry’s cause. Yes, his eyes and nose were orange and we named him Jerry.

Sadly Jerry did not survive for long. And the weather change or other predators were not the cause.

A massive snowball fight started. Jerry WAS made out of snow, so…

Hernando was lucky to catch a pose with him before Jerry ended up on someones head!

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