How do you land a Skype interview?



Being a student means carrying a lot of responsibilities, it includes attending early classes, meeting the deadlines and dedicating yourself to the future career. At this stage of life, we should think where and how we will work, search job postings and start applying for different positions. Whether you are applying for an internship or your dream job, your interview skills are equally important. Nowadays, the use of technology and especially Skype changed the way the interviews are held, that is why it is essential for us to adapt.

So, what should you do to make it right and land an online interview? Let’s see…


1.Make a trial call to one of your friends or family members, so you can be assured that your microphone and camera are working and the WIFI signal is stable.


2. Always be on time. Doesn’t matter if you are applying for the job in Switzerland or USA you should always remember that you will be judged by your punctuality. Therefore, be prepared for the call at least 10 mins in advance.


3. Make sure you make a great first impression the moment you turn on your Skype camera. For that, you should consider that your interviewer pays attention, not to you only, but everything that appears in the background. That may include your chair full of the laundry you’ve been collecting all week or that shirtless Justin Bieber poster. Yup, double check your camera does not capture all of that.


4. Despite having a clean background, do not forget to wear formal clothes to appear more confident and professional.


5. I know, that at this moment you feel super proud of yourself, but please, do not stare at your own picture on the screen. Always look at the camera, as it imitates the eye contact in the Skype interview.


6. Body language plays an important role in any type of an interview. Be concerned that your movements will be closely watched, so try to smile more and avoid touching your face and constantly moving your hands.


7. Most employers have a list of questions they ask every interviewee, such as ‘name your strength and weaknesses’ or ‘how do you see yourself in 10 years’. Prior to the interview do the research on the frequently asked questions and write down the answers. That will make you feel more confident and show that you were prepared. Just do not make it too obvious by reading right of the paper!


8. And last but not least, after the interview do not forget to send the email to the interviewer, thanking for his/her time and stating that you are hoping to hear back from them soon.


Following these easy steps will help you to make a great first impression and become the best interview they ever had! Good luck!

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