Sports Day – Term B!

Time flies and the end of the term is approaching, which means all our students are stressed and exhausted preparing for the exams and other submissions…However, no one missed the opportunity to participate in the Sports Day! We have all been preparing for this event since the warm evenings let us go outside and do some exercises. Some people started going for a run, whereas others played different games with their friends.

On a lovely sunny weekend, students showed their outstanding skills in various sports, such as pool, football, badminton, table tennis and other disciplines. As usual, it took place at the sports hall not far from the university, which provides endless equipment for all sorts of games and fun, as well as on the campus. Everyone contributed to the exciting and competitive atmosphere, cheering and supporting their friends. Students felt the team spirit that united everyone, had a great time and enjoyed their little break from the studies.

Tired and happy students came back to campus to enjoy a delicious dinner on the terrace!


Did you participate in the sports day? Let us know about your experience!

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