To the Top of Luzern

I often find that no matter where you look in Switzerland everywhere seems to be a perfect postcard. The stunning scenery, from the dining hall, student rooms and even the classrooms, has always amazed everyone who has been to IMI’s Kastanienbaum campus.


On one side we have the view of Burgenstock where a luxury 5* resort is under construction, on the other side we have the home mountain of Luzern city and probably the most famous one in the area – it’s Pilatus. A misty mountaintop shrouded by folklore and legends of dragons and healing powers.


This week, on our day off a few students took a trip up to the peak. There are a few ways to reach the highest peak (one of several) of Pilatus at 2128m named Tomlishorn. We took the world’s steepest cogwheel railway from Alpnachstadt. Alternatively if you would have more time (and energy) hiking looks amazing and takes approximately 4 hours each way.


Starting from school campus, we went to Luzern Bahnhof (Main Train Station). Alpnachstadt is a 15-minute train ride where you then take the cogwheel railway up to the peak for another 20 minutes. It is a marvel of Swiss engineering and I would recommend sitting in the first car to get the best view on your way up.

Once you’re there, spend some time to relax and take in the fresh air and scenery. Tandem Paragliding is also offered for those looking for more thrills.


It’s worth mentioning the cogwheel railway is only operated during summer time and there is a year round cable car operated from Kriens. I believe everyone in Luzern should take at least one trip to this special place as it is truly breath taking.


That’s all about Pilatus for today but we shall definitely be visiting more mountains as time goes on, hopefully the great Matterhorn. Keep on reading this blog to find out what’s cooking in Kastanienbaum. Have a great day everyone and see the pictures below!

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