Europa Park: the whole of Europe in one day!

IMG_1747It’s almost Halloween time in Switzerland. And Europa Park is not an exception -.Halloween at Germany’s largest amusement park is an absolute must! A blanket of over 180,000 pumpkins covers the park landscape, whilst 3,000 bales of straw, spider trees, and ghostly illuminations ensure an extraordinarily spooky atmosphere.

Europe Park, as you might guess from the name, is an amusement park divided into 11 parts. Each of the parts is one of the European countries, and of course in every country attractions and other entertainments are executed with the national coloring inherent in the country-progenitor: Germany, England, Scandinavian countries, Russia, France, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, and Italy.

In total, the park has about 100 attractions, and its territory reaches 62 hectares, artists and animators are constantly working here, numerous colorful theatrical performances and processions, various conferences and television shootings are held.

The walk starts from the German Boulevard, where the Euro-Park symbols are added to the visitors: Euro-Maus with a girlfriend and elephants Euro-Fan. After this, it is recommended to ride the monorail, which makes a sightseeing tour around the park. There are many interesting and cheerful objects here, so it’s worth telling about the most popular ones.
Scandinavian zone attracts tourists with the attractions of the Blue Fire and rafting in the Norwegian fjords. In addition to the above objects and attractions, in Europe-park there are many installations, light-shows and other entertainment for every taste and age.



Do not forget about the food; here you can dine in restaurants, and at various fast food points, each with a distinctive national flavor.
Europa Park is the second most popular theme park resort in Europe after Disneyland Paris. And it is only 2.5 hours from Lucerne. So, if you want to highlight your weekend, just take tickets and go. It is really worth it! 😉

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