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Europa Park: the whole of Europe in one day!

It’s almost Halloween time in Switzerland. And Europa Park is not an exception -.Halloween at Germany’s largest amusement park is an absolute must! A blanket of over 180,000 pumpkins covers the park landscape, whilst 3,000 bales of straw, spider trees, and ghostly illuminations ensure an extraordinarily spooky atmosphere. Europe Park, as you might guess from the name, is an amusement… Read more →


It’s the weekend again!

I hope everyone had an amazing week and are looking forward to some rest and relaxation this weekend. Time is passing by quickly, deadlines are getting closer and everybody is really busy. At least I know that I am! Some interesting highlights of the week: On Monday the Swiss Room Competition started. The winning prize is a special, six-course lunch… Read more →


Term 2017C is here!

It’s the start of another wonderful term here at IMI, new faces seeing each other for the first time and old ones reconnecting. Everybody is running around campus with bright smiles and enthusiasm, getting organized for a great semester ahead. The first week of classes is officially over and lucky staff and students on campus are enjoying a casually dressed… Read more →


The BIG IMI Bake Off – by Anushka Srivastava

The Big IMI Bake Off competition, held on November 16th, was an exhilarating ice-breaker for all our new culinary enthusiasts! During the two hour competition, a lot of thought, creativity and action was put forward by all participants. The agenda of the competition was to produce an innovative cupcake guided by a simple recipe, provided by the judges. Walking into… Read more →

‘Black Out’ by the Postgraduates

‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’ by Helen Keller Warm greetings, hope everyone is good. There were many event going on in the campus for the past few weeks and students have been actively participating. Last week the Postgraduates Team have organized an event called the ‘Black Out’. The theme for ‘Black Out’ is… Read more →

Where your donations go?

Dear readers, you might be hesitating: So where my donations go? They went to the World Food Programme (WFP) and the Pack Sanctuary in Taiwan. Interviewed Hannah, one of the organizers for this charity week. When students make their donations they were asked which organizations they would like to contribute to. At the end of the day, the money will be contributed… Read more →