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A trip to Berlin

Before the end of term is soon approaching. Some of us are going to do internship in another country, and some decided to stay in Switzerland. However, before it’s time to say goodbye. Some of our students decided to have a short weekend getaway to Berlin. Since Switzerland is in the centre of Western Europe, there are few options to… Read more →


Going to an Interview

Do you know that although IMI provides a really good internship or career connection, however, it is also possible to secure your own placement. By doing that, it shows more appreciation and your interest in working with your prospective employer(s). Since last week, I sent some applications to hotels, particularly in Geneva, the home of United Nations. Few days later,… Read more →


The start of term D

So, right after term B students checked out from IMI, heading to their internship places, both in Switzerland or internationally, term D students start to arrive. Students can fly to Switzerland through either Geneva International Airport or Zurich International Airport. However, it is recommended for students to arrive at Zurich International Airport as it is approximately one hour drive from… Read more →


Term Break!!

I didn’t realise but I have to admit that we have reached the end of the term again! Term B students are preparing to check-out, getting ready for their exciting internship experience, either in Switzerland or internationally. And for term C students, it’s term break time… Since we are in Europe, of course we need to explore around. Moreover, Switzerland… Read more →


Coming to picturesque Switzerland

Being a foreigner in an unknown land is difficult, especially when one takes in the difference in culture and climate. The essence of Switzerland is in its beauty and diversity – the merging of separate cultures into a unique culture that the whole world is in love with. When I first arrived in Switzerland I didn’t know what to expect.… Read more →